March 2, 2011

November 10, 2010

Quick explanation of one of the symbols:

You see the clocktower towering above what appears to be three ridges. The ridges actually represent a factory, a symbol found in a lot of art and propaganda from the general strikes in May of 1968 in France. These simple caricatures of factories were typically adorned with a brick smokestack in the original artwork rather than the clocktower. In these works below the factories represent a number of things: the university (and other levels of education) have become like a factory, with the students as the raw material, assembled almost uniformly (see Mario Savio and university occupation movements); and a recognition that the university and its students are bound together with workers and the workforce in general in reproducing society.

work in progress:

For UC Santa Cruz (General flyers below these two):

March 2 Icon 2:

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October 7

May 31, 2010

See our sister website: Defend CA Public Education. Flyers are available below!

facebook event:
(special thanks to our friend, Sam Guerrera, for creating the facebook event!)

From the fb event:

Under the guise of an economic collapse, we see the public resources that once supported us, and the public spaces that once provided fertile grounds for shelter and inspiration degrade. Every level of public education has been cut to the bone, programs for the homeless and public welfare have been scaled back in contradiction to escalating needs, and dozens of basic necessities have become difficult to obtain or too expensive to afford—from finding healthcare to transportation, jobs to housing.

The managers of industry, university administrators, and bank executives have undercut our public commons, imposed burdens on workers and gambled away our future in a thoughtless, last-ditch reaction to prop up a failing system. The bailout of banks, bloated managerial budgets and salaries, and the privatization of public schools are some of the devastating initiatives they continue to push; and so now, we’re beginning to see the aftermath: high foreclosures rates, lay-offs and unreasonable tuition. What seemingly began as an economic crisis, has become a crisis of social values. Do we stand by and accept their tired policies, or do we refuse them and reinvent ourselves?

As a mosaic of communities that recoil from the unbearable, we have the ability to network and join together, not only to fight off cuts and injustices, but to recreate and sustain our future. In the emergence of the student movement, we’ve seen our creativity flourish and the formation of new ties and connections between commonly separated groups. We see our united strength, and we know that together we can challenge the false options between housing and the environment, education and prison reform, and the false division between workers and students. We reject any “solutions” that would maintain one community at the expense of other vulnerable populations.

In April, organizers fighting for education converged and called for a day of strike and action on October 7, 2010. In recognition of the increasing struggles we face today, not only as students, but as teachers, parents, and workers, we wish to broadly organize direct actions with a diversity of communities who wish to be involved in this defense of education, in this struggle to take back our lives.

Take this message to your friends, your family, to the union forums and to your coworkers, to your community organizing meetings and your allies struggling to reverse the erosion, to students at every level of education, to your teachers and your tutors, to anyone who ever opened a book and spoke to friends about building a better world. United we are a flood that sweeps away the decay of defeatism, that brings forth new seeds to instill a fighting spirit and form new opportunities.

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October 7 Flyers, works in progress:

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Download PDF version of above: october7-2-v3.2 (fixed)

RGB color; a more CMYK printer friendly one is available below.

Download PDF version of above here: october7-3-v4.1

Download PDF version of above ICON here: oct7-strike-Icon-3-lime

Download PDF version of ICON above here: oct7-strike-Icon-4-lime

October 7th flyers, printer friendly versions (CMYK & Grayscale):

Library Study-in!

May 11, 2010



May18/19 Strike Cancelled – New Event!

May 10, 2010

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May 18 & 19 STRIKE

April 21, 2010

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New Article About Kerr Hall Charges

April 13, 2010

from the SC Sentinel:

“Reckless, inaccurate, inadequately supported and unjustified claims by the university continue to plague this process, suggesting both their incompetent disregard for students’ futures, but also the blatantly political nature of these charges that exist less like a fair legal dispute and more like a tactic of fear,” feminist studies professor Bettina Aptheker said Monday.

“A blanket financial charge incorrectly assumes equal fault which speaks less of an administration seeking restitution for damage and more of an administration too embarrassed to admit their inability to manage the university in a state of budgetary crisis,” she added.

Also, here is a list of codes all 36 students allegedly broke:

102.04 Theft of, conversion of, or damage to or destruction of, any property of the university or any property of others while on university premises, or possession of any property when the student had knowledge or reasonably should have had knowledge that it was stolen;

102.06 Unauthorized entry to, possession of, receipt of, duplication of, or use of any university services; equipment; resources; or properties, including the university’s name, insignia, or seal;

102.08 Conduct, which constitutes: c. a threat to the health or safety of any person;

102.13 Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other university activities;

102.14 Disorderly or lewd conduct;

102.15 Participation in a disturbance of the peace or unlawful assembly;

102.16 Failure to identify oneself to, or comply with directions of, a university official or other public official acting in the performance of their duties while on university property or at official university functions, or resisting or obstructing such university or other public officials in the performance of or the attempt to perform their duties;

102.18 Blocking or impeding ingress to or egress from the campus, buildings or official university functions, including activity on non-university property;

102.33 In addition to the above, all federal, state, and local laws apply on or in university properties and at official university functions. Violators shall be subject to campus discipline procedures as well as any civil or criminal action that may be taken. For information regarding the laws, contact the University Police Department.

102.34 Guest Responsibility. Students are responsible for policy violations committed by their student and non-student guests while on university owned, leased or controlled property, at official university functions, or at organizational events on or off campus.


April 12, 2010

Regents Meeting – March 23-25

March 16, 2010

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First General Assembly of 2010

January 5, 2010

In Santa Cruz, there will be a general assembly on Wednesday January 13.

Location: Kresge Town Hall

Time: 7pm

Friday – Meeting

November 20, 2009

There is a meeting called for in front of Kerr Hall at noon Friday. (note: Kerr Hall is currently occupied by several hundred students)

General Assembly – Thursday!

November 18, 2009

General Assembly & Action!

Occupied Kresge Town Hall

1 to 3pm

the flyer

Quick Re-cap

November 18, 2009

see the occupyCalifornia website for further updates!

Letters on Facebook for 11/18

November 16, 2009

November 16 Letter – thank you to everyone participating

I hope you can appreciate this when I say this: I thank you sincerely.

Education means a lot to me. I know the power it wields and I know how access to higher education is getting harder and harder to achieve. I know that it’s difficult to get engaged when you feel powerless to change the system, but I know together we are powerful because time and again the masses of people have done the impossible.

I believe in a university of equality and equity. I believe in a university where the voice of workers is respected, where anyone who works hard can get a quality education, where you can get a job teaching, where you can go to school here or you can come to work here and the community here takes care of you.

I feel that the people that run this university are disconnected with this idea. I’m tired of fighting for scraps while corporations that the regents support get bailouts. I don’t understand why the next generation must continue to face adversity when we have the tools right now to forge the future we want. We have the money, the problem is that we aren’t spending it on what matters: investing in ourselves and our futures.

We can create something beautiful here. We may not agree on everything, but our differences form the exquisite colors we can paint the future with. I’m grateful for being given this education and this opportunity, that’s why I’ll fight to expand opportunities for as many other people as I can.

Every person here matters; every voice matters. We are intelligent, we are collected, and we can create the university we want. Wednesday we fight the tuition increases, but our struggle extends beyond it. Our fight is the fight for accessible education for everyone and for a democratic university. Our fight is both for ourselves and for future students.

again, I thank you.
with much love,

November 11 Letter – NOTICE

(Please excuse the length, this is very important!)

On November 17-19th, the UC Regents will be voting on raising your tuition by $2,500 per year, a 32% fee increase. Undergrads will be paying in excess of $10,000 per year to attend the UC. This has been an ongoing trend for the past 40 years, and will most likely continue to increase. On top of tuition increases, we’re seeing class & section sizes grow, decreases in TA’s, reduced library hours, reduced funding for outreach and retention programs, reduced access to financial aid and a lot more cuts. Staff at the university are being cut through layoffs, furloughs, and large pay cuts. We are witnessing the end of public education, the creation of a public-private hybrid university.

Despite the fact that this problem is a part of a larger fucked up system, what the administrators of the UC are doing is unacceptable. The UC office of the president (UCOP) and the regents have been relying on student fees as collateral for issuing bonds in order to expand construction rather than spending it on education. They spend the money on purchasing more expensive executives and give themselves large bonuses and perks. The list goes on…

However, the fundamental problem here lies in the structure of the university. We as students are directly affected by the university’s decisions, yet we have virtually no voice or power; workers and teachers allow the university to function, but they too have little control. The students, the teachers, and the workers together comprise the foundation of the university, so why are we told to shut up after a few minutes of public comment at Regent’s Meetings? We have our hearts, our souls, and our futures invested in the UC, so why are people that are looking at the UC system as a business, a networking tool, and a prestigious footnote to attach to their surnames running OUR UNIVERSITY without us?

We aren’t asking you to participate in a campus shutdown because we’re spiteful, or because we feel that the university shouldn’t function at all. We are asking you to show the rulers of this university what the consequences of their actions will be. A university without programs to outreach to low-income families and people of color and university without a WORKING financial aid system will be a university without diversity. A university that continues to exploit its workers, continues to undercut students, continues to layoff invaluable teachers will no longer be a place of higher education. We are going to show the UC administrators that a public university without democracy, without transparency, without justice, will be a university without students.

No Cuts! No Fee Hikes! No Furloughs! No Layoffs!

Nov. 18 Weather

November 16, 2009

Whether rain or shine we will be out there. On that note, the weather looks to be partly cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, so bring some warm clothes!

Checking Education

November 12, 2009

check out the petitions:

New Flyers!

November 12, 2009

spread the word! print flyers!

(see publications for high-res flyers)

November 18th – A University Without Students

November 11, 2009

On November 18th, we, the UC students, refuse to remain silent. We refuse the methods the UC office of the president and the UC Regents are employing to restructure the university and cut funding; this is simply unacceptable. We will not allow business to continue as usual; we will show the administrators what the consequences of unjustified fee hikes and cuts to necessary programs will look like, a university without students.

We demand transparency and democracy.

Wednesday, November 18

Noon, Quarry Plaza, UC Santa Cruz

NOTE: The original facebook event was somehow deleted. Sorry for any confusion!

Two events have been made on Facebook, join either of them: this one & the other.

Planning for Nov.18

November 9, 2009

Planning Meeting for the 18th will be held at San Lorenzo Park, Wednesday November 11th, at 3pm.

RSVP on Facebook.

(the park is along side the river near Trader Joes from down town. Between Soquel & Water, and between River St. & Ocean St.)