March 2, 2011

Quick explanation of one of the symbols:

You see the clocktower towering above what appears to be three ridges. The ridges actually represent a factory, a symbol found in a lot of art and propaganda from the general strikes in May of 1968 in France. These simple caricatures of factories were typically adorned with a brick smokestack in the original artwork rather than the clocktower. In these works below the factories represent a number of things: the university (and other levels of education) have become like a factory, with the students as the raw material, assembled almost uniformly (see Mario Savio and university occupation movements); and a recognition that the university and its students are bound together with workers and the workforce in general in reproducing society.

work in progress:

For UC Santa Cruz (General flyers below these two):

March 2 Icon 2:

Here is the PDF, you can edit it in Illustrator or any other vector editor.



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